Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Senator Yerima Dumps His 17-year Old Egyptian Wife, Marries A New 15-year old Bride!

The former governor of Zamfara State and now Senator Ahmed Yerima, according to City People magazine’s recent publication, has allegedly divorced his 17 years old Egyptian wife, Maria to marry a new teenage girl of 15 years old.

Yerima wedded Maria, an Egyptian girl, after a wide criticism last 3 years, at that time, Maria was on 14.

Now, according to City People Mag, Yerima has divorced Maria, probably to pave way for him to marry his new bride since its legal in Islam permits just 4 wives.

Just in case, Maria already has a child with Yerima...and now he has divorced her, lol.

According to City People Magazine, Yerima was spotted in company of four men, allegedly members of the Zamfara State House of Assembly in Egypt a few weeks ago for the wedding fathia of his new 15 years old bride.

This would make it the fourth time Senator Yerima has married and divorced his fourth wives since the last few years but has never changed his first three wives…maybe those ones are occupying a permanent seat, lol.


  1. Maybe not true, when people amass public funds without responsibility, these are the type of things you get. If this story is true, there is likely something wrong with this man.