Thursday, December 19, 2013

EXPOSED: Corporate Guru Who Subjects His Girlfriends To HIV Test Before SEX [Read!!!]

Hehe...this is really wa! Naija rich men, we hail is the market going? Lol....make una read the full gist after the page jump:

This is simply a queer way to go about sex. Imagine being subjected to a HIV test before ‘any show’. Yes! That is the unusual style of one of our corporate gurus. The man, a first class graduate of one of the best and oldest universities in the Eastern part of the country, is also from the East.

Garrulous and pompous, he is currently on his own, but used to run a brewery. Married and blessed with three children, the man just doesn’t enjoy sex with condom. And because he’s so randy he can’t stick to his wife alone, he has concubines and girlfriends scattered all over the place.

One of his girlfriends told YES International! that after he has sealed a bed deal with you, the next thing he does is to refer you to his personal physician and after the doctor has certified you fit and without any form of sexual encumbrances, he will parcel you to a hotel or one of his chalets and as soon as he arrives, action will begin.

Widely known as a ‘Pay Master’, but only whenever the issue of sex is at stake, the sixth alphabet and the 15th are sitting ‘comfy’ in his name and surname respectively. On the dark side and not a particularly tall man, he exited his former place of work under controversial circumstances. Now rewarded with a federal appointment, he also engages in that and this business to keep body and soul together.

Courtesy of: YesIntlMag


  1. Hmm ur teling us hw he subject u to txt did u tel us hw much u get frm ur scale_ ewu dance with hm?