Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Check out the richest students in the world, their parking lot at the American University Of Dubai! [Photos]

Walking through the car park at the American University of Dubai, you will be left speechless and also worried as to why these rich kids are still going to school.

Students driving-  Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, which wouldn't look out of place in a Bond film, are some of the popular cars that line up at the student car park row after row.

Okay, check out the cars yourself after the page jump:
The gallery of supercars was taken by student Meeka Nasser who wanted to show the world the array of models on show at the university.

He said: 'I attend the American University of Dubai and the cars that students drive here are just ludicrous.

'If I was back home in Canada my car would be considered nice, but here nobody looks twice at it.

'These pictures were taken in the span of a couple days and only in one of the parking lots of the school, so this isn't even close to all of the nice cars at the school.

'Because Cayennes and Range Rovers are a dime a dozen here, I only included a few of them in the album" he said.

'Keep in mind, almost all of the students are between [/b]18 and 24 years old[/b], as the graduate programe is pretty tiny here.

'The students that drive the insanely expensive cars (Rolls Royces and Bentleys etc.) are usually local (Emirati), and Asian (middle eastern Asia)for those wondering.'


  1. Am sure if u prob well u most see one or two nigerians der too

    1. You are right...there are Nigerian schooling there too